September 04, 2010

Charting Information as Art

Informational drawings - please comment at blog2modern with more information or diagram info/links. I will post best of the links before Xmas/holiday breaktime. T minus. 3.5 months and counting, tick tock!

July 14, 2010

Rapha Cycling Classics Visit NYC for 3 months

A Day in 10 Photos 07.01.2010 by John Prolly.

Rapha Cycle Club, NYC by dowd/hewitt.

image source: John Prolly

Rapha a British based maker of cycling clothing and gear in classical style has decided to give its NY audience a hands on experience of their gear and aesthetic. In saying hands on we mean the full blown experience including Tour de France memorabilia, their vintage Citroen delivery van from Europe, complete with Rapha logo on it's side, gobs of Eddy Merckx memorabilia, a generous collection of their cycling clothing hung on racks for touching (not just on an LED screen!), and a coffee bar serving Third Rail Coffee with flat screen tvs showing continual coverage, live and video loops, of this years Tour de France! As a cyclist one might think that heaven has come to earth if only for a 3 month period of time disappearing all too quickly like Shangrala or Oz and then puff in a cloud of smoke back to Kansas. If you are in NYC, are madly passionate about cycling and cycle racing go quickly to the Bowery, take a seat, get a coffee, and let your head float off into the mountains of France while dreaming of winning this stages jersey, hopefully one made by Rapha.

Here they come! by will_cyclist.

Image source:  will_cyclist

April 09, 2010

Spring Classics

Paris Roubaix is this Sunday, a one day 150+ mile cycling race over roads as old as the Roman occupation made out of large poorly fitted cobblestones and filled with muck mud and blinding dust. It runs from Paris to the small northern town of Roubaix where it finishes at the Velodrome. Nicknamed the hell of the north for obvious reasons many of its entrants end, if they end at all, with something in pieces -either a bike or their collarbones! A true sports classic having endured for more than 100 years the nature of the event should make it of interest to anyone wanting to see what the efforts of man and a willingness to endure can accomplish.

This book brings the event as close as possible without actually being spattered by the mud, dust, and pounding that the riders endure. The book by association with the event is an instant classic itself!

April 30, 2009

Dharma Initiative Food... for you


If you are fan of Lost, like me, you probably know well these labels.   These are not very cute, sure we will find best packaging examples in the supermarket, but something we can not deny is that, these labels are mysterious, just like the TV serial.

So... how to get all this Dharma food products? Easy.  You don't have to buy it.   Just need to download the labels on this site, and put on your own food.  You will notice that they are many alternatives avaliable.

I can't wait to invite my friends to dinner and say: Oh, do you know these packaging too? I always thought that only Dharma members knew about it.  I have recently returned to the island, just to share with you a sample of our food.  Hahahaa... Enjoy this design's joke at home!


Via Compradiccion.

December 31, 2008


I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

2009 will certainly go down as a very memorable one, to say the least. I think there will be a lot of reflection on what exactly transpired over this past year. There is no need to rehash it all, the Media does a great job at keeping us up to date with every detail possible.

I guess the one thing that I can decipher from all of this is this...if you are in a position of power, and your decisions impact several people, then make sure that you are acting with other people's best interest in mind. Make sure that your integrity is in check and that you are as concerned with other people's well-being as your own.

CEO's, Politicians, Hedge Fund Managers (Ponzi Scheme Operators), Teachers, Parents, etc...we all inherently know right from wrong. We all know when we are looking to 'just get ours', regardless of the end result of our actions on others.

I am sure I am preaching to the most of the people that are the root cause of some of these current global concerns will likely never read this, let alone have it sink in. Maybe if we start giving more attention to the people that are doing good things for people, doing the right or selfless thing when no one is even watching, then things will start to change in a positive direction. I hope that good behavior is rewarded and bad behavior isn't in 2009. That is my wish.

I sincerely hope that all of you out there have a very Happy, Healthy (and Conscious) New Year!


August 14, 2008

Stunning images from the 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony


For all who had the fortune to watch the great opening show from the Beijing Olimpics, last week, I´m sure you will enjoy this memorable images.  And for all who miss the opportunity of watch it... this advise: Try to find a HD video and don´t loose your time, because this show was the most spectacular opening that you probably know about.  See all the picture collection at big size here.




China did it perfectly, nothing to say, but... poor next Olympic country, the whole world will have amazing expectations about the opening.  Good luck!

Via Computerlove.

July 12, 2008

CCTV-TV Station and Headquarters, China, Beijing-Nearing Finish.

Cctv_headquarters09 Architect Rem Koolhaus and his firm the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (Rotterdam) won the competition (in 2002) set for the design and construction of a new complex for the CCTV's new headquarters to be completed in time for the Beijing Olympics.  The design was/is so spectacular that the Museum of Modern Art in New York created an exhibit around it in 2006, already a phenomenon in architectural circles, to address the preconceived notions surrounding the building of a tower with the magnitude this has.  “It’s a fiendishly complex building in terms of program and structure,” Mr. Koolhaas said in a quote from a 2006 New York Times article about the exhibit.

Cctv_canopy_joined Construction began in 2004 and the famous right angle cantilever at the top of the building was joined in December of 2007.  Reaching their goal of finishing by the time of the scheduled Olympics in Beijing began to look not only possible but plausible.

Nike_golden_athletes_cctv_ad_campai Several flickr accounts have begun taking images with regularity to keep us updated as to the construction's progress.  Then on May 31st, Nike got the jump on the Olympics when it projected the introduction of China's Golden Athletes Olympic suits  against 4 of the building's columns giving us a small glimpse of what is soon to come at the same time realizing the imaginations of those who created  the sci-fi worlds of Blade Runner and the Fifth Element.  For more stills and to see Nike's eerie video go here. 


Meantime the 5 million square foot complex is more than an astral projection....

Cctv_tv_station_and_headquarters_ch The CCTV project also includes a second  building that will house a five-star hotel (bldg left of CCTV) with 300 rooms, restaurants and spas, recording studios and a 1,500-seat theater.  This structure, the Television Cultural Center or TVCC is, as described by the architects, the public component of the project and was to open ahead of the larger headquarters in 2007.

Also as reported by the New York Times, China’s television network  will be capable of broadcasting 250 channels when the headquarters is completed. CCTV currently produces and broadcasts just 16 channels.  For more information about the building and interior drawings visit OMA's official website.

June 16, 2008

Breathing: Art as Memorial

The Breathing, a memorial to all the journalists, cameramen and crew killed while reporting the news has become the latest addition to the skyline of London, England. The BBC commissioned Spanish artist Jaume Plensa to design the 30ft high, inverted steel and glass cone, which together with BBC radio mast and the spire of All Souls Church, forms a trinity of spires. The words engraved around the sculpture, which is shaped like a listening glass, evoke the themes of speech and silence, life and death: Life turns and turns on the crystal glass, silence is a voice, our voice.
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon unveiled the sculpture, which sits on top of the new wing of Broadcasting House, today. The sculpture will be illuminated for 30 minutes each evening by a beacon that shines half a mile into the sky.
Along with the Breathing sculpture the BBC commissioned poet and ex-war correspondent James Fenton to write a Memorial Poem

We spoke, we chose to speak of war and strife –
a task a fine ambition sought –
and some might say, who shared our work, our life:
that praise was dearly bought.

Drivers, interpreters, these were our friends.
These we loved. These we were trusted by.
The shocked hand wipes the blood across the lens.
The lens looks to the sky.

Most died by mischance. Some seemed honour-bound
to take the lonely, peerless track
conceiving danger as a testing ground
to which they must go back

till the tongue fell silent and they crossed
beyond the realm of time and fear.
Death waved them through the checkpoint. They were lost.
All have their story here.

The column of light is a reminder that more than 200 reporters across the world have lost their lives since the start of 2007 through kidnapping, acts of war and terrorism .

March 26, 2008

The Uncommon Modern Television

The television set was a symbol of the modern age. It was one of those items that when it first arrived, was a luxury item for only the rich. Well, years later it is practically in the same category of essential needs as food, clothing, shelter...and television! During the history of TV they have always fluctuated in size, beginning in large wood cabinets, becoming smaller for convenience, and more recently becoming thinner in depth at the same time as the screens became larger.
However, if you desire a smaller-size television for your kitchen, studio, or a combination den and child's playroom; they are out there in some very creative packages.
Hannsared_closedA few years ago I saw this beauty, the HANNS A.Red, that resembles a glossy ripe red apple. I would love to have this, if it wasn't $400 for a tiny 10" inch screen. 
This same company, Hannspree, offers another set resembling something organic; it looks like it was made of wood.
         Hanswood_3 HANNSwood

Then there is the Micro TV, a concept television from Sony. I have no idea if or when it will be produced or how expensive it will be, however, it will be available in white and fuchsia. I know it is cute, but a bright pink TV, really?


For your child or the child in you, the norm seems to be Disney promo products or anthromorphized animals of all sorts. You can own a Disney Princess TV, a Disney car, this one, or one like this; again by Hannspree, that actually places a television monitor into the tummy of a cloth plush toy.

  Pixarcar    Blueelephanttv_3 
Then, of course, you could try going back to the beginning and purchase a reproduction of a groovy vintage design like this one.

Newpredicta_14 from Predicta

January 05, 2008





Thanks to my dear furniture fashionister for a great furniture find today ... a little on the  bubbly round but worth sharing ... 
Luxy italy | big jim
"This is deliciously retro modern design at its finest. Seen most recently on the UK show famous for uttering the line "fashion has no mercy", this chair makes a statement no matter where it is. Used in applications such as airport terminals and hotels, the chair's completely synthetic shell makes it impervious to wear and tear from high traffic usage. Constructed using a single polyethylene shell in black, white, or grey, with base in epoxy coated aluminum or polished aluminum. Available in fixed version or with swivel/auto return."
31.5" wide x 32.28" high, seat height: 16.53"
for version with swivel auto return and polished aluminum base ($1,525.00)
for version with fixed column and polished aluminum base ($1,425.00)
for optional transparent gel seat cushion ($273.00)

To see more of my favorite products from Luxy check out my image library on Flickr or check out my GAILE GUEVARA blog for some modern inspiration.

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