September 24, 2010

Modern Marvel

All was a flutter yesterday afternoon and into the night at the New York Design Center’s What’s New, What’s Next, a virtual, in-the-flesh celebratory open house with programs by editors from top design and shelter publications, dealers, curators, authors and designers about every imaginable topic. Yours truly was present for the New Curators Event where bloggers were situated in showrooms on the 4th floor, and invited to yap, post, + tweet away about products, findings and news from the day’s events.

  Flwhouse                Frank Lloyd Wright Chair commissioned for Drexel family from 1955 

I am convinced that my gig was the swellest, perched in the extraordinary Weinberg Modern, a newly opened showroom of incredible vintage modern findings, furniture, accessories, books and outsider art. So many incredible things, and by names rarely seen: Tony Paul, David Cressey, Alvin Lustig, Maurice Martine, Josef Frank, and atypical pieces from familiar names: Frank Lloyd Wright, Marcel Breuer, Brandt, Ponti, Nelson, Vignelli, and myriad others. I could barely contain my excitement.

Sirrah AM-AS Series Table lamp                 Sirrah AM-AS Series Table lamp from the 1970's found in Italy 

Owner/founder Larry Weinberg, is a font of information. It was fascinating listening to stories of his hunt process, venturing to estate sales, antique shows, yard sales at 3 AM no less in pursuit of illusive finds. His first piece: a Noguci table for $24 in Delaware. His collection of Robert Lustig paintings and 20th art by unnamed artists is simply superb. Plus, he is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and dogs are welcomed too.

Herman miller sculpture                Herman Miller Sculpture 

Please, if you find yourself afoot and near East 33rd Street, I strongly encourage a visit. Or, if you must, please go online to

Weinberg Modern 

New York Design Center

200 Lexington Avenue, Suite 420

New York, NY

Monday – Friday, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm




September 19, 2010

The Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus Ohio, Mark Bradford, and me.

Happy Monday - Blog2Modern Readers,

I haven't had a chance to post an entry in a while, due to the fact that I am currently in Columbus, Ohio at the Wexner Center for the Arts (!!!)  I was invited (in August) to do a large-scale solo installation in the lobby area of the Deconstructivist gem, designed by Peter Eisenman - one of the New York Five.  (For you architects out there, you've probably seen the Wexner every contemporary Art History and Architecture book out there.)

(Below: Main façade of The Wexner Center for the Arts)

Thanks Wikipedia for summing up the mission of the Wexner and doing all my links for me:
"The Wexner Center for the Arts is The Ohio State University’s multidisciplinary, international laboratory for the exploration and advancement of contemporary art. Through exhibitions, screenings, performances, artist residencies, and educational programs, the Wexner Center acts as a forum where established and emerging artists can test ideas and where diverse audiences can participate in cultural experiences that enhance understanding of the art of our time. In its programs, the Wexner Center balances a commitment to experimentation with a commitment to traditions of innovation and affirms the university’s mission of education, research, and community service. The Wexner Center opened in November 1989, named in honor of the father of Limited Brands founder Leslie Wexner, who was a major donor to the Center."

Currently on view is Mark Bradford's mid-career retrospective.  They don't allow any photos in the galleries, but he did an installation in the lobby (below)


Bradford and his assistant projected his name onto the wall, traced it and then painstakingly removed portions of the wall, exposing the myriad of past colors that the wall has been painted.  This wall will be removed and will travel to each of the venues (
Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) following its debut at The Wexner Center for the Arts.  Bradford is a recent recipient of the MacArthur "Genius" Award. (new recipients to be announced September 28).  His show is on view at The Wexner until October 10.


My installation will run concurrently with the remainder of Mark Bradford's show as well as the next round of exhbitions titled Six Solos which will open in November and run through February. I'm particularly excited to be showing with Erwin Redl, who works with LED lights and will be outdoors on the grid-façade.  I absolutely adore his work. I'm also excited for the Tobias Putrih/MOS show too!

(below: Erwin Redl, "Flow" 2007)


I am working directly with the lobby, which is known for its "floating column".

(below: Eisenman's "floating column")


We're still working on the installation, which was designed spontaneously on-site via 3D modeling software. Here are some teaser shots of my work in progress, title is still in the works.



My website will have photos upon completion of the project. The installation opens on Tuesday, please come and see if you are in the Columbus Ohio area, or like to travel or drive.

This installation was inspired primarily by the supposed "death of print" and therefore, CMYK design. Thus my selection of cyan, yellow and magenta as my palette. The "off register" look of the striped walls was highly inspired by mis-printed cartoons, the printing process, mathematical progressions, the use of lines to create space, and the inherent translucency of the material, flagging tape. 

Oh, and "Go Bucks!"

And just in case you wanted some gift ideas - Check out this really rad CMYK inspired dishes and this neato pen "for designers" - I want all of the above!

September 14, 2010

Looking to the Past for Inspiration and Motivation

This weekend was spent participating in an annual family tradition that dates back long before anyone can remember.  The change of the season is marked by sudden cool snaps, shorter days, and a bountiful fall harvest.  Each fall in early September vine-ripened grapes make their journey from vineyards around the world to small produce markets where amateur and professional wine makers alike oggle at their beauty. 

Having finally participated in this tradition I can't help by recognize how the current economic and political climate has a lot of people looking towards traditions of the past. Many are looking to live a more simplistic life and learning to appreciate the small wonders around us. What could be more modern than that? 

Here are a few fun finds to get you in the mood to go and make your very own Vino della Famiglia. 


 Modern Cellar - CURIO Wine Server


MuNiMulA - Wine Tray 


 Burlap Wine Bottle Bags


August 18, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman

Ladiesandgentlemenstudio slotted spoon set

Ladiesandgentlemenstudiofork set

Ladiesandgentlemenstudiospoon set

Ladies and Gentleman present Superior Server family, a set of stainless steel utensils with handles that are "crisply coated in a vibrant set of colors allowing the set to be fitting in contemporary and traditional settings alike."

~via mocoloco

August 17, 2010

Lens Quencher

Saw this over at BTLD and had to share. How many of our photog-nerds have been missing this in their lives?! 


My only complaint is that it's not a Nikon lens.

Learn more and buy it here.

July 15, 2010


Don't say you didn't hear it first from 2modern, as the sign isn’t even up yet. Here in Stone Ridge, a mere 120 minutes north of the Big Apple, they do modern and they do it well. Now open weekends and by appointment, presenting: the Rural Modernist Studio. This gem of a place acts as a creative outlet for owners Jason O'Malley and J.R. Craigmile. O'Malley makes the pottery while Craigmile curates the collection of outsider art.

A former art director at Donna Karan and illustrator of 10 books, O’Malley left New York seeking a change of pace. For many, launching Handsome Devil Press greeting cards, penning the hilarious Doodle Whore blog, illustrating, gardening and dog training would have been enough. For O’Malley, this was only the beginning and after a casual dalliance with pottery class, a love affair was born.

Rural Modernist’s eye-popping vessels and bowls are definitely the main draw. Part Gio Ponti meets Beatrice Wood ala organic Whoville, the matte black and high gloss white pieces are inspired by orb-like sea life. Pottery can be used solo or grouped together to create inspired modern vignettes. Also made by O’Malley are hand-stenciled designs on wood, which can be purchased in multiples, home made soaps in creative trappings—maps, cards, graph paper—and clever greeting cards.   P1060175


Outsider art provides a welcome contrast with works by S.L. Jones, Willie Jinks, Myrtice West, M.C. (5 cent) Jones. Film production accountant by day Craigmile scours the earth literally and virtually, hunting down items before reluctantly bidding adieu. He'll curate on-going exhibitions and events at the Rural Modernist to fuel his creative mojo.

At the risk of sounding canned, once setting foot into this place, you’ll want to hang out and ditch your plans for the day. Whether it’s the original modern aesthetic, cheeky humor, meticulous detailing, great smells, and perfect tuneage-Smiths, The Velvets,Talk Talk, Nancy Sinatra and Gaga were all on rotation—you’ll be hooked. 

The Rural Modernist

3780 Main Street

Stone Ridge, NY, 12484

Photos courtesy of the Rural Modernist Studio & Jason O'Malley 

July 13, 2010

Royal Copenhagen

Mega1_v2_flags_RGB Hi-ress-1 

Royal Copenhagen founded in 1775 is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their Blue Fluted Mega. The blown up signature pattern from Royal Copenhagen was created by the designer Karen Kjældgård-Larsen with the re-design of the classic Blue Fluted.

  Mega Mussel tallerken

July 06, 2010

Into the heart of Denmark’s heritage


Historical yet timeless: Royal Copenhagen’s very first porcelain dinner service, the Blue Fluted pattern is as graceful as when it was first adopted in 1775 as the very first porcelain dinner service. Centuries later, Blue Fluted Plain is a cultural cornerstone as well as a part of the fabric of daily modern life in Denmark – still painted and glazed by hand. Living abroad has not made me love this spectacular tableware any less... 

Blue fluted 2


Discover the stylish dining accessories!

Every effort should be made to have plenty of light and air, and to produce a feeling of space, order and freshness in dining room. Remember that this is place where you not only eat but also meet your friends, get gather your family. 

The dining table is one of the most important thing. It should be chosen very carefully. It's colour, material and tableware create particular atmosphere and mood of all who eat there. Of course you will choose most suitable for entire dining room style, because you will use it for long time. But after some time it could becomes boring or becomes feeling to change something in the room. But in other side you not really intend to throw out all furniture and buy new...

This stunning new 'Stella' table top piece will add a dash of decoration to your dining table and is perfect for parties. It's precious tabletops from scratches and warm serving dishes.


Stella Table Top Centre Piece in Cream.

Believe your table will look more glamour and stylish after that! No doubts that other people will say that you are the man with good taste!!!

Find more stunning dining room furniture.

June 30, 2010


I am always for unique, expressive and innovative products that are designed to enrich our daily thoughts and experiences by balancing our life styles. Maybe some of these products can help us extract prolonged and focused pleasures out of our daily rituals!

How about a transparent tea pot that is full of tea leaves–interesting visual!!


This mnemonic placemat indicates the match between the food color and what we need to eat everyday for a healthier diet. Fruits and vegetables get many of their colors from phytonutrients, compounds that play key roles in health and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. 


Whatever the lifestyle is, using time wisely matters!!! blackboard -style face watch created by rolf sachs


The balanced life style comes with the harmony amongst the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional, what about a reminder how fragile love can be!  These wounded vases are available at the Guggenheim.


We cannot afford to be physically inactive!  A glove for the foot, for casual comfort, or as a lifestyle statement, fivefingers brings the feeling of barefootedness back to our lives!

Five finger 


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