September 19, 2010

The Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus Ohio, Mark Bradford, and me.

Happy Monday - Blog2Modern Readers,

I haven't had a chance to post an entry in a while, due to the fact that I am currently in Columbus, Ohio at the Wexner Center for the Arts (!!!)  I was invited (in August) to do a large-scale solo installation in the lobby area of the Deconstructivist gem, designed by Peter Eisenman - one of the New York Five.  (For you architects out there, you've probably seen the Wexner every contemporary Art History and Architecture book out there.)

(Below: Main façade of The Wexner Center for the Arts)

Thanks Wikipedia for summing up the mission of the Wexner and doing all my links for me:
"The Wexner Center for the Arts is The Ohio State University’s multidisciplinary, international laboratory for the exploration and advancement of contemporary art. Through exhibitions, screenings, performances, artist residencies, and educational programs, the Wexner Center acts as a forum where established and emerging artists can test ideas and where diverse audiences can participate in cultural experiences that enhance understanding of the art of our time. In its programs, the Wexner Center balances a commitment to experimentation with a commitment to traditions of innovation and affirms the university’s mission of education, research, and community service. The Wexner Center opened in November 1989, named in honor of the father of Limited Brands founder Leslie Wexner, who was a major donor to the Center."

Currently on view is Mark Bradford's mid-career retrospective.  They don't allow any photos in the galleries, but he did an installation in the lobby (below)


Bradford and his assistant projected his name onto the wall, traced it and then painstakingly removed portions of the wall, exposing the myriad of past colors that the wall has been painted.  This wall will be removed and will travel to each of the venues (
Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) following its debut at The Wexner Center for the Arts.  Bradford is a recent recipient of the MacArthur "Genius" Award. (new recipients to be announced September 28).  His show is on view at The Wexner until October 10.


My installation will run concurrently with the remainder of Mark Bradford's show as well as the next round of exhbitions titled Six Solos which will open in November and run through February. I'm particularly excited to be showing with Erwin Redl, who works with LED lights and will be outdoors on the grid-façade.  I absolutely adore his work. I'm also excited for the Tobias Putrih/MOS show too!

(below: Erwin Redl, "Flow" 2007)


I am working directly with the lobby, which is known for its "floating column".

(below: Eisenman's "floating column")


We're still working on the installation, which was designed spontaneously on-site via 3D modeling software. Here are some teaser shots of my work in progress, title is still in the works.



My website will have photos upon completion of the project. The installation opens on Tuesday, please come and see if you are in the Columbus Ohio area, or like to travel or drive.

This installation was inspired primarily by the supposed "death of print" and therefore, CMYK design. Thus my selection of cyan, yellow and magenta as my palette. The "off register" look of the striped walls was highly inspired by mis-printed cartoons, the printing process, mathematical progressions, the use of lines to create space, and the inherent translucency of the material, flagging tape. 

Oh, and "Go Bucks!"

And just in case you wanted some gift ideas - Check out this really rad CMYK inspired dishes and this neato pen "for designers" - I want all of the above!

August 26, 2010

It's hot, get naked.

Spencer Tunick, an artist who is famous for working with hundreds of nude bodies in his photographs since the mid-90's is in the midst of several current projects including tackling each state in the US.


above: "Mexico City 1 (Zócalo, MUCA/UNAM Campus)", 2007

His work has spawned an unofficial website/blog too -  his "installations", as he refers to them, are EPIC. They require thousands of participants getting naked and arranged in groups. So understandably, he's get a huge fan base of supporters.

Undress circle - bruges theatre

above: at the Bruges Theatre; below: The artist, Spencer Tunick


Check out his website for more images - he is constantly repositioning naked people in large groups. Instead of this being strange and disturbing for the common person - it is more like looking at a landscape and then only realizing that it is made of people. There is a Soylent Green joke in there somewhere...


Above: On pink rafts in a Miami pool!; below: Tunick talks about his work and past installations.

Stay cool!

August 14, 2010

The Golden Door open until September 6 only!

There is a very special mini golf course in Hamilton Square, Jersey City, NJ and it is only up for a few more weeks. It is open to the public dawn-thru-dusk. This project was curated by Christina Vassallo

and includes:
Victoria Colabro

Asha Ganpat

Darren Jones
& Ryan Roa
Hiroshi Kumagai

Tom McGlynn

Laura Napier

Risa Puno

Nyugen E. Smith

Amanda Thackray

Kai Vierstra

Picture 31

Picture 32
Picture 33


August 05, 2010

An old one but a good one



Pashley Cycles

Light weight, faster, carbon fiber are all good things in their proper place. If you aren't putting in the long miles in preparation for the Spring Classics or the Tour de France and are genuinely in love with all things bicycle you might consider taking a look at Pashley Cycles of England. Anything that closes in on its 100th anniversary while maintaining a large fan base deserves some close inspection. As we all know most things, even some of the good ones, are fleeting. In 1926 Pashley Cycles was conceived and in 16 short years it will reach its 100th anniversary while still producing models that closely resemble, if not duplicate, their originals. The Sovereigns (seen above) are available like Henry Ford's Model T in your favorite color as long as it's black with chain guards, fenders, and enough racks to carry your belongings like a gypsy. The Pashley's are built with incredible durability and comfortable cruising in mind, with Brooks leather saddles that in time completely mimic your body contours (for comfort), and built to stand the test of time like the bike it's moutned on. Whether you are a collector or a city bound dreamer in need of non-motorized mobility the Pashley's desrve a closer look.

Images provided by EcoVelo and Salim Virji

July 28, 2010

The Future Will be Chrome


I loved it when I first saw it online last year, but now this limited edition, mirrored polished stainless steel ping pong table is now on display at Blum and Poe Gallery in Los Angeles.

Designed by artist Rirkrit Tiravanija for Cumulus Studios.

"Cumulus Studios was founded in 2008 by Nathalie Karg, a landscape designer.  The studio is giving established and emerging contemporary artists the opportunity to create functional objects for the outdoors.

The collection encompasses furniture, games, sport and garden utility.  Cumulus Studios is giving artists the freedom to execute a personal fantasy with its only limitation being functionality and weather resistance.  In turn, the participating artists embraced the invitation with great enthusiasm and wit."

July 14, 2010

Rapha Cycling Classics Visit NYC for 3 months

A Day in 10 Photos 07.01.2010 by John Prolly.

Rapha Cycle Club, NYC by dowd/hewitt.

image source: John Prolly

Rapha a British based maker of cycling clothing and gear in classical style has decided to give its NY audience a hands on experience of their gear and aesthetic. In saying hands on we mean the full blown experience including Tour de France memorabilia, their vintage Citroen delivery van from Europe, complete with Rapha logo on it's side, gobs of Eddy Merckx memorabilia, a generous collection of their cycling clothing hung on racks for touching (not just on an LED screen!), and a coffee bar serving Third Rail Coffee with flat screen tvs showing continual coverage, live and video loops, of this years Tour de France! As a cyclist one might think that heaven has come to earth if only for a 3 month period of time disappearing all too quickly like Shangrala or Oz and then puff in a cloud of smoke back to Kansas. If you are in NYC, are madly passionate about cycling and cycle racing go quickly to the Bowery, take a seat, get a coffee, and let your head float off into the mountains of France while dreaming of winning this stages jersey, hopefully one made by Rapha.

Here they come! by will_cyclist.

Image source:  will_cyclist

June 20, 2010

World Cup posters

Yes, I belong to the big cliche that all Brazilians like football (or soccer, whatever..). I do love it, I`m a fervorous supporter and and get really nervous when Brazil plays. There`s no other place in the world to watch the games as Brazil: the country literally stops, we all dress alike and decorate our homes.

So, I`ve found this website where it`s possible to buy thematic World Cup posters. These two (although one is all about Brazìl`s biggestt football rival) are my favourite! Worth it taking a look at website!




April 15, 2010

"You must have the legs, and you must have the lucky" and also the tires!

(image source: Sint Netels )

2010 FMB Paris-Roubaix 25 Tubular Tire 

FMB Tires

There's still something nice about handmade, even in the world of bicycle tires. In races that are 1 day in length such as the Paris-Roubaix and other spring classics it is of supreme importance that one's tires be dependable to a fault. One man, Francois Marie, based in his garage in France, makes certain through an old world approach that this is the case beyond a doubt. Using materials such as silk and his own weave of cotton cloth, much as someone during the renaissance might have done, he manufactures in limited amounts tires for the world's top cyclists. His tires were on the bikes of the winners of both this year's Paris-Roubaix and Tour of Flanders without a single failure, the difference between winning and utter failure. It seems in this case at least that when excellence is demanded, nothing but personal passion and handmade creation will suffice.

April 09, 2010

Spring Classics

Paris Roubaix is this Sunday, a one day 150+ mile cycling race over roads as old as the Roman occupation made out of large poorly fitted cobblestones and filled with muck mud and blinding dust. It runs from Paris to the small northern town of Roubaix where it finishes at the Velodrome. Nicknamed the hell of the north for obvious reasons many of its entrants end, if they end at all, with something in pieces -either a bike or their collarbones! A true sports classic having endured for more than 100 years the nature of the event should make it of interest to anyone wanting to see what the efforts of man and a willingness to endure can accomplish.

This book brings the event as close as possible without actually being spattered by the mud, dust, and pounding that the riders endure. The book by association with the event is an instant classic itself!

April 05, 2010

NSW Sport & Recreation Centre, Berry, Australia, by Allen Jack + Cottier Architects


The NSW Sport and Recreation Centre at Berry in Southern New South Wales, designed by Allen Jack + Cottier Architects, comprises of a collection of institutional buildings which cater to school and community groups, families and the corporate sector. Facilities include a heated swimming pool, tennis courts, a multipurpose oval, and organised programs for outdoor sports such as canoeing, kayaking, rope climbing and bush walking. 


 Situated within an established landscape of gardens and trees, the centre is on a further 60 hectares of prime agricultural farmland. The new Recreation Hall, designed by Allen Jack+Cottier, is located on the threshold between an established area and adjacent grazing land. The hall extends on the range of indoor activities currently available at the centre.


 Alluding to the modest form of an agricultural farm shed, the building is clad in heavy, more durable precast concrete. This material has been transformed by the perforation of starlight holes, giving an otherwise hardline structure a playful edge and newfound lightness and light. Internally, shafts of sunlight constantly animate the floor, changing in intensity and colour. In the evenings the light source is reversed, and the building itself becomes a glowing array of starlights reminiscent of the memorable country sky above.


The building was awarded first in the Sports category at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona in 2009.

Original source material from Allen Jack + Cottier Architects.

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