October 02, 2010

Art + Design = Life

(Etsy: ArgyleWhale)

When it comes to design, we forget that it is handmade, just in a different way.

Certainly this had some labor involved in its making.

(NYT Logo - made of chairs)

But design can be fun and lite (or light).


Design can be inspired from anywhere and anything.


Ikea has put out a visually stunning cookbook (notcot.org) titled: Homemade is Best


Is this the future? Will everything be broken down into a global visual language?


Which begs the question:


Design + life = unexpected delights in everyday life
(blend of hand-made, mass-produced, creative applications)



Everything is going to be alright

That goes for everyone. (below: Kumi Yamashita)


And anyone.
After all, this is our world.


(above: Richard Galpin, "Noosphere", 2006)

September 30, 2010

Sentry :: Andy Freeberg

I am totally digging this photographic series by Andy Freeberg, entitled "Sentry".  I don't know how many times I've walked into spaces like this - always with an over-sized, white reception desk, it seems - and had this same experience.  The top of a head, the absence of a "hello", and the feeling of an unnecessary disconnect.  Have you experienced this?  Share your thoughts and/or reactions to this series in the comments.

Artist's Statement:

It was an odd moment when I walked into that first gallery in Chelsea and saw a large white desk with a head poking up from the top edge of the computer screen. I took out my camera, carefully framing and exposing the scene, and the head never moved or took notice of my gaze. As I walked around that booming Chelsea neighborhood of art galleries, I began to notice a trend: at some of the biggest galleries there are giant entry desks, where the top of the head of the desk sitter is often the only other human presence. This leads me to wonder, in this digital world of email and instant messaging that supposedly makes us more connected, are we also setting up barriers to the simple eye to eye contact that affirms our humanity?

See the whole series here.  More pics after the jump.

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September 28, 2010

Combine Collective

Awesome new trays by Combine Collective for your Mac peripherals.

"Our keyboard trays are designed to combine the various Mac wireless interfaces into one clean unit. We offer three variations which work with the full suite, or partial combos of that. Every aspect of the tray’s design and production is sustainable. We use whole and solid-joined hardwoods, water based glue, and a food safe oil finish to make them. The wood is sustainably harvested in North America. Our trays are made in Vancouver, Canada by local artists."


You can find out about purchasing them here.

September 22, 2010

"Good Design"




201005177381KF 20 Coffee Machine by Dieter Rams 1972 Braun GmbH Koichi Okuwaki.




German Industrial designer, Dieter Rams’ ten principles to “good design”-

Good design is innovative.
Good design makes a product useful.
Good design is aesthetic.
Good design makes a product understandable.
Good design is unobtrusive.
Good design is honest.
Good design is long-lasting.
Good design is thorough down to the last detail.
Good design is environmentally friendly.
Good design is as little design as possible.

Having worked as head of design at Braun for 30 years and also designing furniture for Vitsoe, his approach to "good design" continues today and has influenced many, including Apple.

Less and More, a retrospective of Rams' work was carried at The Design Museum in London 2007-2010.

~via dwell 

September 21, 2010

Proximity Posters

If only all job postings were this inviting and beautiful! I know it's a bold statement, but... BEST. JOB ADS. EVER.

ArtDirector 1920x1200

FrontEndDeveloper 1920x1200


ProductionSpecialist 1920x1200

SeniorStrategist 1920x1200

TechnologyLead 1920x1200

Designed by Allan Peters.


September 20, 2010

2Modern Design Brief

Spectacular finds that simply must be shared...

Everything about this space is beyond words. I don't know where to start...This would make an amazing guest house...but it's just so good, I want it as an art studio and my escape place...and that rooftop garden-it's just the perfect 'cherry on top' of it all! Great find-courtesy of DigDigs.

Picture 4
Pouring over the pages of Ruemag.com...I have spotted several great features in their debut publication. Dying to use the rich hue of peacock blue on my next project-Paird with natural elements - this duo is charming my socks off.

Picture 1766
I will never get bored with this look. 'Industrialized Organic' just clicks for me. This a perfect example shows a harmonious blend-too delicious not to share. Found on Design Therapy.

It's seems natural that I am obsessed with Rachel Zoe the Fashion Stylist...Her home is decorated in my taste-Simple, clean and sprinkled with moments that 'make you feel fabulous...' Love her style! Featured on Apartment Therapy.

September 15, 2010

Di Di System

Di di 3

Di di1

The Di Di System is epoxy coated steel hanger system designed by Alberto Basaglia & Natalia Rota Nodari for YDF (an acronym for Young Designers Factory).

I love the idea of using the range of colors that they come in, but can also envision a range of colors one can hang on a single shade.

September 14, 2010


There are 2 reasons why I had to share this with you guys. The first, because the DBA pen is the first 98% biodegradable pen in the world. The body is composed of bio-plastic, the ink reservoir from biodegradable fiber, and the ink itself is ACMI certified non-toxic. The second reason is that the promo video for it is BAD ASS... and we love BAD ASS.


DBA 98 Biodegradable Pen from DBA on Vimeo.

September 09, 2010

DLA Piper Office :: Hofman Dujardin Architects


I LOVE THIS OFFICE.  Forgive the shouting, but as someone who loves bold use of color, this space pretty much melted my mind.  Designed by Dutch architecture firm Hofman Dujardin, the DLA Piper office is a playful space intended to accentuate the variations in sunlight throughout a typical working day.

DLAPiper_backoffice_01a What does that mean?  The side of the building that receives the most sunlight is balanced with cooler tones, while the side that receives the least is compensated with warm tones.  Meanwhile, the giant gradient of carpet connects the four main meeting rooms, while also creating a simple and clear sense of orientation within the building.

Brilliant.  I wonder if people are allowed to pick which desk they want based on their favorite color?  I know my productivity would go up if that were the case!  What do you think?  Could you work in this colorful of an office?


More pics after the jump!

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September 01, 2010

Concrete Wall



Talk about transforming a space.  Try using these realistic wallpapers from Concretewall, developed by Moment Kommunikasjon.

See more here.

So cool.

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