September 27, 2010

The Sheer Kitchen...

With a futuristic design, the Sheer Kitchen by Gatto Kitchens is surely a conversation starter. 

Sheer kitchen2

Sheer kitchen
The upper half of the sphere of the Sheer Kitchen automatically rises and attaches to the ceiling, where it provides lighting and ventilation. The lower half contains a circulator work top, a double sink, four burners (including a lava stone burner), three bottle coolers, a pullout table, two electric outlets for small appliances, and storage space for rolling trolleys. However, a freestanding wall unit contains the refrigerator, an oven, cabinets and four folding chairs. The best part of it all, the kitchen is made of partially lightweight and durable carbon fiber so that you can take the kitchen with you when you move. Enjoy !!!

September 23, 2010

Rita Chair + Table :: RS Barcelona

I love this steel and wood furniture series from RS Barcelona: bright and colorful with all the right angles.  Could you ask for more?  I mean, really.  Just look at that gorgeous blending of materials!  Mm-mm!


The secret of her beauty is her simplicity, her sincerity. Rita doesn’t try to hide behind fancy trappings. This is a collection of bold, strong tables and chairs, set apart by the way the wood is bonded to the metal. The metal penetrates the wood right through to the other side, adding a touch of color to the surface of the wood.

Available in 5 colors and the choice of Natural Maple or Wenge.

More pics after the jump!

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September 14, 2010

Looking to the Past for Inspiration and Motivation

This weekend was spent participating in an annual family tradition that dates back long before anyone can remember.  The change of the season is marked by sudden cool snaps, shorter days, and a bountiful fall harvest.  Each fall in early September vine-ripened grapes make their journey from vineyards around the world to small produce markets where amateur and professional wine makers alike oggle at their beauty. 

Having finally participated in this tradition I can't help by recognize how the current economic and political climate has a lot of people looking towards traditions of the past. Many are looking to live a more simplistic life and learning to appreciate the small wonders around us. What could be more modern than that? 

Here are a few fun finds to get you in the mood to go and make your very own Vino della Famiglia. 


 Modern Cellar - CURIO Wine Server


MuNiMulA - Wine Tray 


 Burlap Wine Bottle Bags


September 01, 2010

Concrete Wall



Talk about transforming a space.  Try using these realistic wallpapers from Concretewall, developed by Moment Kommunikasjon.

See more here.

So cool.

August 26, 2010

Ghislaine Viñas :: Interior Design


I'm a true believer in using bold colors and patterns in the home, so when I saw Ghislaine Viñas' interior design portfolio, I was floored!  She has such an incredible understanding of color and space, it's no wonder she won Pantone's "Color Outside the Lines" competition for use of color in residential interiors.


Ghislaine's work has also been featured in numerous leading interior design and living magazines, as well as winning her the Interior Design Best Of Year Merit Award for Best Residential Design in 2007.

Check out more of her residential work here for a full dose of eye candy. And, stick around after the jump for a few of my favorite images!



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August 18, 2010

Ladies and Gentleman

Ladiesandgentlemenstudio slotted spoon set

Ladiesandgentlemenstudiofork set

Ladiesandgentlemenstudiospoon set

Ladies and Gentleman present Superior Server family, a set of stainless steel utensils with handles that are "crisply coated in a vibrant set of colors allowing the set to be fitting in contemporary and traditional settings alike."

~via mocoloco

August 17, 2010

Lens Quencher

Saw this over at BTLD and had to share. How many of our photog-nerds have been missing this in their lives?! 


My only complaint is that it's not a Nikon lens.

Learn more and buy it here.

July 29, 2010

"red has never looked so right"

The Givenchy 2010 Fall Campaign has received a lot of buzz in the fashion industry. The invigorating red that pervaded the campaign's palate got the same amount of attention from the media as the transsexual model in the ad! In a season full of neutral colors, the media responded positively. Referring to to the campaign's attention grabbing use of the color red, NY Times said “red has never looked so right.” 

Givenchy red

In design, color and form are inseparable. Color has the potential to define the 3D spaces. Color is also dynamic when it is used with different materials at various forms and scales. Another aspect of color in design is its cultural context, symbolism and emotional imagery.

Back to our regular interest, how is red used in modern design? After a quick scan, I have compiled a short visual list of the ones that I find pleasant, attractive and inventive. 

Ccc la tourette

The Monastery of La Tourette by Le Corbusier in which he used a strong color red for the interior walls.

Stuart lawson

The interior designer Stuart Lawson’s red spiral case in a Puerto Rican island home.


Ultra Modern glossy red kitchen isle is placed in front of a brick fireplace and surrounded by unfinished walls and old rustic floors is designed by Alessi.


Capricorn House in Dusseldrof, Germany has red glass panels of multi-functional facade technology that also controls the building's temperature, air quality, sound absorption and acoustic characteristics.



July 20, 2010

Iconic Washing-up Bowl


It´s an entirely new way to clean your dishes. The shape of the Washing-up Bowl changes according to what you put in it.


July 14, 2010

IQ haus

Adobe Acrobat Professional - [IQhaustrev5182010.pdf] 7142010 125458 PM.bmp
Adobe Acrobat Professional - [IQhaustrev5182010.pdf] 7142010 125502 PM.bmp
Adobe Acrobat Professional - [IQhaustrev5182010.pdf] 7142010 125729 PM.bmp
Adobe Acrobat Professional - [IQhaustrev5182010.pdf] 7142010 125444 PM.bmp

The IQ haus, Contemporary Pre-Fab homes by DNA European Design Studio was introduced at the Dwell on Design event in Los Angeles last month.  The structures use no wood and are designed and engineered of recycled materials, making it "earth-friendly" and allow users to add cells at a later time with almost no modifications.  They come with contemporary Italian kitchen design, recessed lighting and Low E glass doors.

"The IQ haus has been created to offer a beautiful high-end home that is cutting edge, strong, luxurious, green and affordable. With the IQ haus, DNA is dedicated to showing that the intelligent use of materials combined with inspired design creates a contemporary, sustainable home that can last a lifetime..."~IQ haus

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