September 27, 2010

Hot Design

It's getting colder out, and that means it's time to utilize the fireplace. Whether or not you own one or would like to make one, below are a couple designs from AK47 as well as a DIY project from Karen Bertelson, my new favorite blogger.

I've been wanting to build a firepit for my deck, and Karen Bertelson's DIY Firepit is perfect: Modern as well as inexpensive. (How I love inexpensive DIY projects) Materials include any metal planter, wire mesh, glass frames, marine silicone, gel fuel, and cheap rocks which you can get for around $2.DSC_0810-e1283134623814



AK47 also has a smart, modern way of storing your fireplace necessities. The flexible furniture molds to it's contents, and can store anything from firewood, to newspapers.

Flex_1 Unique-Chair-Multifunction-by-AK47

September 14, 2010

Looking to the Past for Inspiration and Motivation

This weekend was spent participating in an annual family tradition that dates back long before anyone can remember.  The change of the season is marked by sudden cool snaps, shorter days, and a bountiful fall harvest.  Each fall in early September vine-ripened grapes make their journey from vineyards around the world to small produce markets where amateur and professional wine makers alike oggle at their beauty. 

Having finally participated in this tradition I can't help by recognize how the current economic and political climate has a lot of people looking towards traditions of the past. Many are looking to live a more simplistic life and learning to appreciate the small wonders around us. What could be more modern than that? 

Here are a few fun finds to get you in the mood to go and make your very own Vino della Famiglia. 


 Modern Cellar - CURIO Wine Server


MuNiMulA - Wine Tray 


 Burlap Wine Bottle Bags


September 02, 2010

DIY Pet Bed :: Hindsvik


I love the idea behind this über simple pet bed created by the good folks behind Hindsvik, a shop specializing in vintage goods.  Shop owners Daniel and Valeria set out to create a cozy nook for their cat, Lambi, while still maintaining the aesthetic of their modern, Scandinavian-inspired home.  Using plywood, they built a simple cube, re-enforced it with hidden brackets, and then constructed a soft flannel cushion to go inside.


The real reason this bed works so well is the fact that it blends seamlessly with their plywood floors.  You might not be able to achieve such a unified look in your own home, but this is definitely a great jumping off point.  Imagine covering the exterior with a colorful carpet tile - instant scratching post!  Or wallpaper.. or staining it to match your floor.. The possibilities are endless!

Check out Daniel and Valeria's post for a how-to guide and more photos.

Meanwhile, what do you think?  Would something like this work in your home?  How would you customize it?  Share in the comments!

September 01, 2010

Visual Journaling @Pikaland, A Sneak Peek


Pika Artist Bootcamp 3: Create Your Own Story and Character Developmet

"Often one on the largest obstacles to overcome when creating a story or plot or new work of art is the need to pre-think the story rather than letting it have an organic origin. Sometimes this puts the brakes on it completely! Nothing happens because you put too much pressure on the work looking completely as you see it in your minds eye, you intimidate yourself with your left brain way of thinking! It's as if you're seeing Mt. Everest as a 29,000 ft tall mountain instead of a series of single steps that happen in an instant and organically. A mountain is intimidating, the steps aren't! First graders don't have this mountain view, children very rarely experience the un-doable (unless an adult instills it in them!). Children attempt things, they learn, they fall down and stand up. For this first weeks assignment we will silence the fearful adult and invite the adventurous child! Discovering new ways of operating and finding out what might be hidden within your left brain adult self!

-Excerpt from Week 1, Assignment 1 Breaking Barriers of Pika Artist Bootcamp 3: Create Your Own Story and Character Development Through your moleskine we'll unravel and discover your own unique voice! From the grocery store to the cafe to your desk and a friends hand, you'll tote your journal with you wherever you go,gathering source materials, inspirations, new ideas-- pasting, cutting, spilling, inking, stamping, photographing, creating along the way!!

What personality will your moleskine take on?
What stories will you have to share?!

What exciting new characters will you create?? > Don't be afraid, take the plunge and discover something new about yourself this Fall through Visual Journaling!

Limited space still available! Enroll in our Visual Journaling Course by Sunday Sept 5th! Also check out our second Installment of Making Your Mark The first installment completely sold out and was a total blast! From looking at art in person to targeting your specific likes, fears and inspirations, we'll journey as a class through your art and help find and polish your creative voice! Now how's that for an awesome Fall semester! :D Treat yourself, learn, grow, and most importantly jump start your creative fire!

August 12, 2010

Mod DIY :: TV Table Lamp

Blogger buddy Baz aka Atomic Indy sent over this incredibly clever DIY project he recently completed: an old, yard-sale-acquired TV turned hip, mod table lamp!  After gutting a Sony TV-750, our man Baz installed a low-wattage CFL before applying his favorite Julius Shulman image to the back of the screen.  In his own words: "Put it all together and you've got a really sweet back-lit picture frame to display your favorite Mid Century Modern images. Also makes a great kitchy-cool accent lamp."  I agree!

For all the details, photos, and how-to's, check out Atomic Indy.

While you're at it, you might want to browse through Baz's other DIY projects.  I already told him this, but I believe he's some sort of mod, DIY savant!  Don't believe me?  Head over there and you'll see what I mean.

So, 2Modern kids, do you have any sweet DIY projects of your own?  Share in the comments!

July 15, 2010


Don't say you didn't hear it first from 2modern, as the sign isn’t even up yet. Here in Stone Ridge, a mere 120 minutes north of the Big Apple, they do modern and they do it well. Now open weekends and by appointment, presenting: the Rural Modernist Studio. This gem of a place acts as a creative outlet for owners Jason O'Malley and J.R. Craigmile. O'Malley makes the pottery while Craigmile curates the collection of outsider art.

A former art director at Donna Karan and illustrator of 10 books, O’Malley left New York seeking a change of pace. For many, launching Handsome Devil Press greeting cards, penning the hilarious Doodle Whore blog, illustrating, gardening and dog training would have been enough. For O’Malley, this was only the beginning and after a casual dalliance with pottery class, a love affair was born.

Rural Modernist’s eye-popping vessels and bowls are definitely the main draw. Part Gio Ponti meets Beatrice Wood ala organic Whoville, the matte black and high gloss white pieces are inspired by orb-like sea life. Pottery can be used solo or grouped together to create inspired modern vignettes. Also made by O’Malley are hand-stenciled designs on wood, which can be purchased in multiples, home made soaps in creative trappings—maps, cards, graph paper—and clever greeting cards.   P1060175


Outsider art provides a welcome contrast with works by S.L. Jones, Willie Jinks, Myrtice West, M.C. (5 cent) Jones. Film production accountant by day Craigmile scours the earth literally and virtually, hunting down items before reluctantly bidding adieu. He'll curate on-going exhibitions and events at the Rural Modernist to fuel his creative mojo.

At the risk of sounding canned, once setting foot into this place, you’ll want to hang out and ditch your plans for the day. Whether it’s the original modern aesthetic, cheeky humor, meticulous detailing, great smells, and perfect tuneage-Smiths, The Velvets,Talk Talk, Nancy Sinatra and Gaga were all on rotation—you’ll be hooked. 

The Rural Modernist

3780 Main Street

Stone Ridge, NY, 12484

Photos courtesy of the Rural Modernist Studio & Jason O'Malley 

June 03, 2010

Bamboo Bike Studio

The Bamboo Bike Studio is one of the coolest ideas I've heard of in a long time.  Based out of Brooklyn, the studio seeks to promote sustainable entrepreneurship by providing the means and training necessary to build your own bamboo bike and then taking this concept worldwide.

Together with their partners, the Bamboo Bike Studio is working to establish scalable bike factories in Africa and South America.  Back in Brooklyn, the studio functions as a place to develop sustainable product engineering and teaching practices that can be taken abroad to these locations, providing prototyping and testing at no cost.

Through weekend workshops, local cyclists can learn to build their own custom bikes from raw bamboo.  The cost of these classes then goes directly towards financing, building, and seeding bamboo bike factories in Ghana, Kenya, and Ecuador.

To learn more about the Bamboo Bike Studio, including information about weekend workshops, check out

[Thank you to Antonie for sending this my way!]

April 21, 2010

Get vertical: A hanging fruit basket makes for great storage!

As an apartment dweller, the phrase "A place for everything, and everything in its place" takes on a whole new meaning. And it can be exhausting trying to stay on top of maintaining closets and drawers, so I'm always looking for easy solutions. Last week I found myself searching through Real Simple's archives of bathroom organization. I was looking for some new ideas, something that I could throw together over a weekend. Since my bathroom is the size of a small closet with virtually no storage space, the headline "Consider the Ceiling" peaked my interest. And here's what Real Simple suggested:

"If your quarters are tight and space is already compromised, look up. Take advantage of vertical real estate by hanging a multilevel fruit basket for additional storage. When placed in the shower, the open rungs of the three-tier hanging basket allow loofahs and bath toys to dry over the tub. Or suspend the basket in an unused corner and stock it with lotions, treatments, and scented sachets (in lieu of dust-catching potpourri)."


(Note: This photo is from Real Simple. It is not our apartment. If we were fortunate enough to afford an apartment with such elaborate bathroom fixtures, we probably wouldn't be storing our toiletries from a hanging fruit basket.

Brilliant! The next day, I trekked out to the hardware store and picked up a hanging fruit basket for $6.00 then headed home to get to work. Fortunately, we have a drop-ceiling, so hanging objects is as easy as lifting a ceiling panel up and tucking the hook underneath. If you're dealing with drywall or tin, this project might be a little more complex and you'll probably need to hang a hook first. The whole thing took all of two minutes and left me with a barren countertop just begging for clutter. But it's not gonna happen. I've utilized my vertical real estate, and from now on, my toiletries call a hanging fruit basket home.

October 08, 2009

How to storage your wine (when you haven't enough space)?

Here is the answer:


Wow... I'd never imagine this solution before.  But is so creative, beautiful and practical, that is impossible to not share it with you.  The responsible people of this underground spiral stairs and wine storage place are Spiralcellars, from UK.  They says in theirs webpage that a project like this will be ready on five or seven days.

What do you think about it?  I think is perfect to play to hide our selves too :)

Via Roc21.

April 15, 2009

yogurt lamp.



How great is this lamp? And guess what? It's made out of yogurt cups! Yes, yogurt cups -- specifically Fruchtzwerge, which is a German yogurt (if you know of an equally colorful stateside equivalent, please let me know). The craftster ate her way through 70 containers of "sickly sweet" stuff and eventually had enough pieces to create her light! She connected the containers using metal rings and then attached them to a lamp shade. Et voila -- yogurt lamp!

You can read more about the process here.

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