September 15, 2010

Casa Luis Barragan


John Pawson-the father of modern architectural minimalism- visited the house of Luis Baragan-the most important 20th century Mexican architect-in Mexico City and wrote an article about his visit.I enjoyed reading about the great architect through the eyes of another one.

 His article starts with a quote from Barragan: "My house is my refuge, an emotional piece of architecture, not a cold piece of convenience." Barragan's home design was indeed focused on the intangible themes such as sanctuary, surprise and visual comfort. His experimentation with color and his constant observation between light and color compositions in 3d spaces while harnessing the energy of the hues and the tones of the homeland Mexico, was inevitably destined to create an emotional and spiritual environment.


Nowhere does an architect reveal more about himself – his passions, needs and philosophy – than in the houses which he builds for himself, where the only check or filter for his ideas is himself” states John Pawson. Barragan's need to live in solitude was confirmed with his own words:

"Only in intimate communion with solitude may man find himself”, he wrote. “Solitude is good company and my architecture is not for those who fear or shun it."

Parragan's passion to humanize places shows in the way he used color and light to create intimate corners.


Designed in 1940's, the house's primary colors reflect Barragan's love for Mexican aesthetic-terra cottas sunlit yellows, jade, sage, vivid lilac,violets and roses. He mystifies the color and makes it memorable. Barragan was inspired from Josef Albers and his way of exploring color interactions.


John Pawson describes Barragan's home: “one has a powerful sense of being cocooned at several layers’ remove from the world outside. The design encourages you to look out and up, but through a series of precisely framed views, with nothing visible beyond the comforting enclosure of green planting and blue sky.”


Modern Rooftop Gardens


Sometimes we need a few moments to get away.  Find peace among the city life.   For those of us who are city dwellers the rare patch of green is just that, rare.  Sometimes the only space option is the roof.












Whether your own private retreat or to share with others, here are a few modern interpretations of sanctuary amongst the sky scrapers.  Mixing steel, wood and concrete…these designs successfully evoke tranquility.  It is amazing what a bit of air, sunshine and some seeds will do. 

Have an infinitely modern day!


July 13, 2010

New from 2Modern!

Rho Collection - new from John Kelly Furniture!

New from John Kelly Furniture: The Rho Series - a collection of contemporary furnishing that is a perfect high-tech solution for any outdoor space. Rho's offering includes a Dining Armchair, Lounge Chair, Chaise Lounge, Love Seat, Ottoman, Tray Table, Round Table, and Square Table. All pieces are available in 10 different colors and are constructed of powder coated aluminum, PVC coated polyester fabric, and high impact polystyrene ROM (recyclable outdoor material).

Introducing Santa & Cole on 2Modern!

We are happy to introduce to you Santa & Cole. This modern lighting company design and produce a wide variety of unique lamps. From table lamps to wall sconces to Pendents, you will not be disappointed with their unorthodox style.

Introducing &Tradition on 2Modern!

Sleek, cool, modern. These are only a couple words to describe one of our newest vendors, &Tradition. They have grasped the concept of contemporary lighting and have created some of the best pieces of the 21st century.

June 01, 2010

Introducing Vessel on 2Modern!

Introducing Vessel on 2Modern!

Vessel has just launched on the 2Modern website! Not only are these products eco-friendly, but they are also proudly made in the USA. Vessel's high quality ceramics safeguard the health of growing plants and come in a range of related shapes complementary to today's architecture. There is a wide variety of great planters for outdoors, such as the La Gardo Tackett IN-1, the John Follis FX with S-2 Base, or the David Cressey AP-100 Pineapple Planter. If you're more interested in the indoor variety, check out the La Gardo Tackett APM3 or the Raul Angulo Coronel RL Lantern.

May 13, 2010

Modern Barbecues :: Focus

Focus is most well know for their Gyrofocus fireplace (which was recently declared "the world's most beautiful object" in the 2009 Pulchra Design Competition, Italy), but it's their steel barbecues that recently caught my eye.  Available in two designs, Sigmafocus and Diagofocus.

Both designs seem to have some nautical inspiration, something reminiscent of an old steamboat, don't you think?  The Sigmafocus is definitely the most ingenious of the two, though.  Its ability to fold up and out of the way makes it a great option for the outdoor space challenged.

Meanwhile, the Diagofocus is a great multi-functional piece.  Whether you use it as a grill or a fireplace, its flue-like design allows for protection from the wind as well as aiming smoke away from guests.  Moving it to just the right spot is easy thanks to some cleverly hidden wheels.

For more info on these modern barbecues, go to

[Availability in the U.S. is limited - Euroflues in New Mexico carries Focus products, though they do not have either the Sigmafocus or Diagofocus at this time.  Check the Focus site for more information on where to buy in Europe and elsewhere.]


May 10, 2010

What's all the Noise About?

I recently purchased a bag of SunChips and was curious as to why the bag was so noisy.

The new bags are now made of plant material and are compostable. If the bags are placed in a hot compost bin, they will break down in about 14 weeks. I have not had a chance to test this out, but I am thrilled to learn (and Hear) about their environmental impact. 

April 23, 2010

Earth Day Inspiration: Urban/Indoor Gardening

First things first, happy belated anniversary to Earth Day.  Yesterday it hit the big 4-0!  Secondly, rather than spilling some silly "Go Green" rhetoric, I thought I'd share some gardening tips with you all.  I live in Atlanta, where there isn't much green space to garden and where there are a few co-ops sprinkled throughout the greater Atlanta region.  I'm sure that most urban dwellers suffer from this as well.  They'd like to do something a little ecologically-friendly, but they're faced on all sides by concrete and glass. 

Well, I personally am interested in growing my own herbs, veggies and maybe a fruit or two.  What piqued this interest was a recent grocery trip during which I paid $9 for 2 pounds of tomatoes.  That seems like a lot of money for something I could probably grow myself and what's more, it was barely enough to make my homemade pasta sauce.  The way I see it, it would be more economically friendly on my wallet (and in this economy, every penny saved is a penny earned), and it's more ecologically-friendly.

I guess everyone can celebrate Earth Day in their own ways (year-round, hopefully), but they can also do really small things like growing their own  gardens or participating in local garden co-ops.  Growing your own garden locally and organically saves you money and can help reduce the number of trucks on the road. Here's a really interesting beginner's guide on indoor container-gardening for anyone who's interested, as well as some affordable products to help us all get started on our paths to earth-friendly urban/indoor gardening.  Here's a wonderful book called Growing Stuff: An Alternative Guide to Gardening if you're totally uninitiated like me.


Start with an affordable herb kit like this one at


Or, if you can buy seeds individually and plant them individually in simple containers like these:


If you're fortunate enough to have enough outdoor space for a garden or if you live near a garden co-op (Google to find one near you), then you'll need these as well:





April 09, 2010

2Modern Design Brief

Saw so many great things this week as I scoured the blogs that I read on a consistent basis. Here are a few more jewels that I wanted to share.

Stunning and dreamy. This NY garden, spotted on A Cup of Jo is exactly what I want...exactly.....

This image is simply good inspiration for any place that you need a burst of color. Caught my attention on sfgirlbybay

California + Home Design offers fish scales as an up and coming trend. I happen to agree! I see this trend popping up in fashion everywhere!

Modern Luxury! Found these tables on Design Milk. The Phillips Collection has been on my radar for a few years now. Their collection is broad and full of unique furniture and accessories. 

March 31, 2010

Hanging Garden


Having seen the earlier posts this week on Vertical Farming and Falling Garden reminded me of these Sky Planters I came across at A+R.    Award-winning, New Zealand-raised Patrick Morris values the natural world and its conservation as much as Morris Designs strives for the betterment of human environments and offers a new way of enjoying plants with his revolutionary process.





The Antipode Planter offers not only another way of growing plants but also seeing them.  As they hang from the ceiling instead of standing on the floor.  Did I just walk into a Dali painting? A locking disc holds the soil and plant in place, and an innovative reservoir system that both conserve water and your personal time gradually hydrating a plant's roots. Put on your anti-gravity boots.   One looks lonely, interesting, but lonely, while a grouping brings a new twist to the term “hanging garden”. 

Have an infinitely modern day!

March 17, 2010

Car Lift

Need a lift?  After you are done driving for the day in a crowded city, imagine not only having a coveted  assigned parking space but a garage that lifts your car and your spirits, from the street to your modern luxury high-rise condo with you still in it?   It is a daily amusement park ride for adults.  Okay, wealthy adults.  


A built in transponder locates and stops at your floor while you are still seated.  Increases security, no struggling for parking and easy to unload groceries are just a few of the benefits other than being an exciting concept. 



CarLoft® is a pioneering modular loft scheme with a garden and a garage on every floor.  All these brand-new luxury flats come with at least one adjacent parking space known as the CarLoggia, reached via the CarLift.  



The popular Paul-Lincke-Ufer in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin is where you can find the CarLoft® underway.   Coming soon to a large German city near you.   Seat belts required.

Have an infinitely modern day!

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