October 06, 2010

Maison Martin Margiela

MMM holiday


MMM holiday3

MMM holiday1


 Not only does the MMM design clothing, shoes and accessories for both men and women, there is also fragrance, a fine jewelry line and objects for the home.

Now you can even stay "Avante-Garde" in the L’Île aux Oiseaux by Maison Martin Margiela. A suite designed by the Belgium house in the 5-star retreat Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux, France.

Loving the white palette (especially the pillows as a headboard) with a "punch in the face!" red lips sofa.

Check out the just launched e-boutique here.


Beauty and Timelessness Meets Function

BMW R75/5  c.1972
BMW R62 c.1928
Although classic simplicity is not a new thing, it's a style and aesthetic that's covertly stood the test of time, in fact almost a century in the case of BMW Motorcycles! This simple aesthetic still exists in most people's minds, ours included, as such a solid thought. None of the thinking of the early Triumph motorcycles are around in any solid form. It's a timeless classic because of the sound thinking and approach behind it's design, form follows function, a tenant of the Bauhaus aesthetic, while managing to be incredibly beautiful, something can be beautiful simply because of it's functional qualities. It's not about making the outside thing pretty, it's about making the soul pretty. The true beauty arrives from it's functional nature.
At the root of the Bauhaus aesthtic was Occam's Razor, an engineering and deisgn principal that espoused the act of cutting away that which doesn't function or what's not absolutely essential to the perfect functioning of the piece. It's about editing, not about adding, a reduction, having the idea of 'motorcycle' in your head and then reducing. To this day a model exists with 2 horizontally opposed cylinders, two wheels and a drive shaft, the R1200R, although computer technology and emmissions regulations have added a burden to it's simplicity, the original idea is still there.
The BMW R62 you see above was brought to the USA from Munich after 30 yrs of being hidden under a canvas tarp in the back of a repair shop, treasured like aging wine. The first attempt after uncovering it got it running again and functional. Consider other things of the time period, the Titanic! Think steamdriven archaic practice, there are no more steam driven luxury liners plying the seas but there's still BMW motorcycles, quietly whispering down the interstate...

The orginal owner of the BMW R62 felt the need to attach a medallion of St. Christopher, the patron saint of travellers, to the front fender. Although I'm sure with further experience of his new purchase, like Occam, he would have found the medallion was an unneccessary addition, as the bike itself was a guardian Saint of travellers.

October 05, 2010

Jens Risom’s Classics

The 94 year old Danish-American designer Jens Risom has entered a collaboration with Rocket Gallery in London.


Benchmark has secured the production rights to re-launch Jens Risoms classics from the 1950s and 60s. Risom was born in Denmark in 1916 and went to Design School with Hans J. Wegner and Børge Mogensen, but migrated to the US at the age of 23. He was based in New York where he founded Jens Risom Design in 1949. The first collection of nine furniture classics is exhibited at Rocket Gallery – www.rocketgallery.com



October 04, 2010

How To Be Alone

I wish more people would allow themselves the time and space to make such a beautiful gift. Thank you Andrea Dorfman and Tanya Davis...

2Modern Design Brief

Views from the Modern Side...

Imagine this view each day. 'Swedish Dream Home' featured on digsdigs. A harmonious blend of views and architecture-divine...

Picture 1
This home by Joel Sanders Architecture in New York tops my list of favorite US residences -E.V.E.R. You really must check the link for this firm to see all the eye candy this home has to offer. Look for house on Mt. Merino.

I keep trying to get to Bali...Something always seems to come up and my grand plans are interrupted...the first time I laid eyes on this magical location, it became my destiny. Warm breezes and Balinese vistas await at the Alila Villas Uluwatu...someday...


October 02, 2010

Art + Design = Life

(Etsy: ArgyleWhale)

When it comes to design, we forget that it is handmade, just in a different way.

Certainly this had some labor involved in its making.

(NYT Logo - made of chairs)

But design can be fun and lite (or light).


Design can be inspired from anywhere and anything.


Ikea has put out a visually stunning cookbook (notcot.org) titled: Homemade is Best


Is this the future? Will everything be broken down into a global visual language?


Which begs the question:


Design + life = unexpected delights in everyday life
(blend of hand-made, mass-produced, creative applications)



Everything is going to be alright

That goes for everyone. (below: Kumi Yamashita)


And anyone.
After all, this is our world.


(above: Richard Galpin, "Noosphere", 2006)

September 29, 2010

pattern - orla kiely



Pattern looks to be a lovely coffee table book from London-based designer Orla Kiely.  The 304 pages include her bold, colorful graphics and her own personal account and inspirational images that have shaped her style.  The book explores the use of pattern in design and how they have shaped her collections that range from her womenswear line, housewares, furnishings, luggage, accessories, as well the coveted handbags.

2010 European Capital of Culture

As the 2010 European Capital of Culture- Istanbul a global city that spreads between the two continents, offers lots of cultural, historical and social activities and alternatives. I find Istanbul intriguing, chaotic and enigmatic; a true special blend of the east and the west. The last time I was in the city, I visited three popular spots : Kanyon, Beşiktaş fish market and Istanbul Museum of Modern Art.

Kanyon_2  Kanyon1
Designed by the Los Angeles-based Jerde Partnership, a shopping mall in the middle of an industrial neighborhood, Levent, Istanbul, Kanyon does have a 21st century vibe. Its splashing water at the base of the "canyon", its swooping curvilinear architecture and the greenery within the gray stones do attract not only many kind of shoppers for its brand name stores but also people like me just to get a close feel of its futuristic architecture.  

Fish market

Fish market 1
 Another diverse neighborhood in istanbul, Beşiktaş has a new fish market which is built on a triangular site. This contemporary concrete shell and steel structure is designed to preserve the fish market's original presence and its welcoming feeling. Being a preservation and revitalizing project within the bustling community, the structure respects the sense of community among the merchants and also considers the demands of the growing urban setting.


Another busy district of Istanbul, Karaköy along the Bosphorus is the home for the city's first of its kind modern museum, Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. It is located on a dock in a converted warehouse with a splendid view of the Marmara sea from its restaurant. The permanent collection includes modern and contemporary arts produced in Turkey.



Acrylic Is Back


moon chair - HStudio

Am I dreaming or did I just wake up and is it the 90’s?  Fashion these days is a reinterpretation of the 80’s and 90’s.  Why should furniture be any different?   We have seen the revival of acrylic, and for some of us it never left.  But now it is back in a big way with furniture designers adding their own expressions  mixing fabrics, steel, wood and texture with acrylic in fun colors and prints.  Not that acrylic isn’t fabulous all on its own, we do love something thrown into the mix.   

Here are a few notables.  

The Tuilleries Coffee Table from Spectrum West mixing wood and acrylic.  



French-born and tokyo-based designer Emmanuelle Moureaux has created the 'shibafu table'.
56 slender colored acrylic sticks are randomly arranged into a piece of transparent acrylic,
creating an aesthetic, reminiscent of a colorful shibafu or lawn.  Add a chair and you have a set.




Founded by designer Jean Christophe Bernard, Acrila of France.  The innovative Acrila team has designed furnishing ranging from pop art  to baroque and painted city scapes.
Admiral Bench - HStudio


Wilson Chair - HStudio      Hstudio by Shlomi Haziza which was founded in the early 1990’s.  



AVF-Brilliant-Lucite-Console-Red Front-6x4
Red Console - AVF

Ice Acrylic Table -AVF

And from the The House of Alexandera Von Furstenburg bright almost neon colors captivate.  Still modern and chic today as it was decades ago is what I say.

I even have a couple of acrylic bar stools myself.

Have an infinitely modern day!  

September 28, 2010

Combine Collective

Awesome new trays by Combine Collective for your Mac peripherals.

"Our keyboard trays are designed to combine the various Mac wireless interfaces into one clean unit. We offer three variations which work with the full suite, or partial combos of that. Every aspect of the tray’s design and production is sustainable. We use whole and solid-joined hardwoods, water based glue, and a food safe oil finish to make them. The wood is sustainably harvested in North America. Our trays are made in Vancouver, Canada by local artists."


You can find out about purchasing them here.

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