October 12, 2010

Tio Collection

Designing with metal wires is like drawing in 3D space. By carefully considering how a few bent steel rods are positioned, Massproductions have created a truly comfortable, elegant and stackable chair.


A feeling of transparency is achieved with this material, especially evident in the easy chair version, which uses the same diameter of rods but has more voluminous dimensions. 



October 11, 2010

Silk Road in Las Vegas by Karim Rashid

One of my favorite designers, Karim Rashid, has worked his magic again. This time, the Silk Road Restaurant in Las Vegas. I want to ask Mr. Rashid to come design my house. Think that would be pricey?


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October 06, 2010

Patricia Urquiola: Vieques Island

An earlier post at 2Modern design blog covered Patricia Urquiola's tile work which was delightful! Her focus on creating industrial products with personality and her approach to integrate layers of history into the memoriable patterns surely trigger sensation and success.

Patricia Urquiola's advise for new designers is to find “a few cultural references and people who can give you guidance to develop your personality,  try to defend your ideas and projects, create your own formula.”

She created a great formula for herself; her interiors are sensible, orginal and moving. The colors are plenty but they are relative and pleasing within the context of its surrounding.

The dynamics of colors in Urquiola's interiors can be explained by intuition and observation.

Vieques island

The corners are created with a sense of comfort which drives its energy from colors, lighting and patterns.



The outdoor furniture fits well into the nature's color scheme and also constitutes a lively drop within the earthy tones of the outdoor structure.


The colors of the pillows intensify each other with hues that complement and contrast in design. The lightness of colors gets affected by neighboring tones. The light source brightens the overall affect.


The colors and patterns in the living room are not used in a limited manner.

The color design develops around the amount, shape and placement of each design element in an interactional manner: The relativity makes the design pleasant and harmonious. 


October 02, 2010

Art + Design = Life

(Etsy: ArgyleWhale)

When it comes to design, we forget that it is handmade, just in a different way.

Certainly this had some labor involved in its making.

(NYT Logo - made of chairs)

But design can be fun and lite (or light).


Design can be inspired from anywhere and anything.


Ikea has put out a visually stunning cookbook (notcot.org) titled: Homemade is Best


Is this the future? Will everything be broken down into a global visual language?


Which begs the question:


Design + life = unexpected delights in everyday life
(blend of hand-made, mass-produced, creative applications)



Everything is going to be alright

That goes for everyone. (below: Kumi Yamashita)


And anyone.
After all, this is our world.


(above: Richard Galpin, "Noosphere", 2006)

September 30, 2010

Sentry :: Andy Freeberg

I am totally digging this photographic series by Andy Freeberg, entitled "Sentry".  I don't know how many times I've walked into spaces like this - always with an over-sized, white reception desk, it seems - and had this same experience.  The top of a head, the absence of a "hello", and the feeling of an unnecessary disconnect.  Have you experienced this?  Share your thoughts and/or reactions to this series in the comments.

Artist's Statement:

It was an odd moment when I walked into that first gallery in Chelsea and saw a large white desk with a head poking up from the top edge of the computer screen. I took out my camera, carefully framing and exposing the scene, and the head never moved or took notice of my gaze. As I walked around that booming Chelsea neighborhood of art galleries, I began to notice a trend: at some of the biggest galleries there are giant entry desks, where the top of the head of the desk sitter is often the only other human presence. This leads me to wonder, in this digital world of email and instant messaging that supposedly makes us more connected, are we also setting up barriers to the simple eye to eye contact that affirms our humanity?

See the whole series here.  More pics after the jump.

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September 09, 2010

DLA Piper Office :: Hofman Dujardin Architects


I LOVE THIS OFFICE.  Forgive the shouting, but as someone who loves bold use of color, this space pretty much melted my mind.  Designed by Dutch architecture firm Hofman Dujardin, the DLA Piper office is a playful space intended to accentuate the variations in sunlight throughout a typical working day.

DLAPiper_backoffice_01a What does that mean?  The side of the building that receives the most sunlight is balanced with cooler tones, while the side that receives the least is compensated with warm tones.  Meanwhile, the giant gradient of carpet connects the four main meeting rooms, while also creating a simple and clear sense of orientation within the building.

Brilliant.  I wonder if people are allowed to pick which desk they want based on their favorite color?  I know my productivity would go up if that were the case!  What do you think?  Could you work in this colorful of an office?


More pics after the jump!

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September 08, 2010

Tokujin Yoshioka





The complete work of Tokujin Yoshioka, one of the most innovative designers working today. Based in Tokyo, Tokujin Yoshioka has built a career using unconventional materials to create objects and spaces. Often employing paper and glass, as well as unusual elements, such as plastic drinking straws, his studio’s work has achieved a cult following among design enthusiasts. Leading design museums, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, and the Centre Pompidou, Paris, have Yoshioka’s work in their permanent collections.~Rizzoli

Published by Rizzoli. Release date of October 2010.  MUST GET.

September 04, 2010

Charting Information as Art

Informational drawings - please comment at blog2modern with more information or diagram info/links. I will post best of the links before Xmas/holiday breaktime. T minus. 3.5 months and counting, tick tock!

September 01, 2010

Too Many Balls In The Air?


Sometimes you feel like you have too many balls in the air?  Not for Ratcliffe Fowler.  They are just enough as we can see from his Nike Ball Man in play. Each strand hangs in suspense from the ceiling, forming the shape of an athlete at play.  A total of  5,500 skill balls weighing a total of 4.75 tons.  One out of place might bring it out of balance.



Balancing the balls in this kinetic sculpture at BMW’s Museum, Munich, is exquisite. Simply, beautiful.  There is nothing simple about how it fluidly performs.   Art+Com created the 714 metal orbs which drop out of the ceiling, dance around much like synchronized swimmers do performing their water ballet.  The orbs eventually create the outline of a car, yes a BMW, then glide onto a mirrored floor.  Enough said.  Please watch the performance and enjoy the music while waiting.

Have an infinitely modern day!

August 31, 2010

Acapulco Chair

Oficina Kreativa is a creative work group within the field of art, architecture, and design. Jacob Fasting and Kirsten Krogh founded the office in 2008. It is located in Mexico City and Copenhagen. Oficina Kreativa is engaged in the design and production of furniture and in theoretical and artistic practice. It is based on an exchange of ideas between Scandinavia and Mexico – a cultural import & export.  

And here a collection of them in my favorite space in Copenhagen - CPH Square showroom.

Oficina Kreativa is introducing the new Acapulco Mini for the kids. Just as cool - only smaller. 


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