September 24, 2010

New from 2Modern: BDI, Iannone Design, Indi B, Ink Dish, Oeuf, Thomaspaul, and MASH Studios

BDI now on 2Modern

BDI is now on 2Modern! In BDI, you'll find a collection of furniture pieces that are unique, functional and great looking. Their Home Theater furniture is engineered to meet the demanding needs of today's electronics, and do so while enriching the home and the home theater experience. They also offer incredible Home Furnishings and Office Furniture. The Drop Table has a two-tier design available as a coffee table, end table, or console. The Icon 9423 Swiveling TV Stand has a slim profile and swivels 90 degrees to always allow the perfect view. The Sequel 6003 Compact Desk is perfect for smaller spaces, with magnetically attached tilt-down front panels to provide easy access to wall connections while keeping all wires out of sight.

New Iannone Block-O-Drawers
Iannone has redesigned their Block-O-Drawers Long Dresser! This dresser is made from white oak and sycamore wood combination. Comes with 6 touch release dovetailed drawers for a modern sleek design.

New Indib Rugs

Indib is delighted to inform us that their new rugs are now available. They've added a new biege option for their Bunny and Veggie kids rugs and 4 new Round Rugs.

New Collections from Ink Dish

Ink Dish has added some new collections: Kites, Poem, and Tattoo Lotus. They have also added serving platters and bowls to several of their existing collections. The Poem Mug was designed by David Palmer and holds 10 ounces. The Kites 4 Plate Gift Set has 4 side plates and features the great designs from Dana Oldfather. The Cherry Ink Serving Platter has Paul Timman's beautiful tattoo art but is large enough to serve at any dinner party.

New Oeuf Dresser
Oeuf has redesigned their Sparrow Dresser! Now with a top drawer rather than an open space, this 3 drawer dresser is clean-lined, functional, and even eco-friendly.

New Thomaspaul Fall Collection

Thomaspaul has released their new Fall collection with over 60 items. They've introduced a new line of pouches and cases called Big Business. They have also added the shower curtain, bath mat, and pillows to their popular Luddite Collection. Not to mention numerous other items including pillows, scarves, throws, boxes, and Christmas decorations. You just gotta check them all out!

New items from MASH Studios

MASH Studios has added 5 fantastic new items to their lineup. Introducing the PCHseries Canopy Bed, which offers a secluded place to rest, with a minimalist approach. The LB Dresser and HB Dresser offer a clean-lined way to store clothing. The 2x5 bookcase gives you the perfect place for your books, plants, and more.

Modern Marvel

All was a flutter yesterday afternoon and into the night at the New York Design Center’s What’s New, What’s Next, a virtual, in-the-flesh celebratory open house with programs by editors from top design and shelter publications, dealers, curators, authors and designers about every imaginable topic. Yours truly was present for the New Curators Event where bloggers were situated in showrooms on the 4th floor, and invited to yap, post, + tweet away about products, findings and news from the day’s events.

  Flwhouse                Frank Lloyd Wright Chair commissioned for Drexel family from 1955 

I am convinced that my gig was the swellest, perched in the extraordinary Weinberg Modern, a newly opened showroom of incredible vintage modern findings, furniture, accessories, books and outsider art. So many incredible things, and by names rarely seen: Tony Paul, David Cressey, Alvin Lustig, Maurice Martine, Josef Frank, and atypical pieces from familiar names: Frank Lloyd Wright, Marcel Breuer, Brandt, Ponti, Nelson, Vignelli, and myriad others. I could barely contain my excitement.

Sirrah AM-AS Series Table lamp                 Sirrah AM-AS Series Table lamp from the 1970's found in Italy 

Owner/founder Larry Weinberg, is a font of information. It was fascinating listening to stories of his hunt process, venturing to estate sales, antique shows, yard sales at 3 AM no less in pursuit of illusive finds. His first piece: a Noguci table for $24 in Delaware. His collection of Robert Lustig paintings and 20th art by unnamed artists is simply superb. Plus, he is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and dogs are welcomed too.

Herman miller sculpture                Herman Miller Sculpture 

Please, if you find yourself afoot and near East 33rd Street, I strongly encourage a visit. Or, if you must, please go online to

Weinberg Modern 

New York Design Center

200 Lexington Avenue, Suite 420

New York, NY

Monday – Friday, 9:30 am – 5:30 pm




September 23, 2010

Rita Chair + Table :: RS Barcelona

I love this steel and wood furniture series from RS Barcelona: bright and colorful with all the right angles.  Could you ask for more?  I mean, really.  Just look at that gorgeous blending of materials!  Mm-mm!


The secret of her beauty is her simplicity, her sincerity. Rita doesn’t try to hide behind fancy trappings. This is a collection of bold, strong tables and chairs, set apart by the way the wood is bonded to the metal. The metal penetrates the wood right through to the other side, adding a touch of color to the surface of the wood.

Available in 5 colors and the choice of Natural Maple or Wenge.

More pics after the jump!

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September 02, 2010

DIY Pet Bed :: Hindsvik


I love the idea behind this über simple pet bed created by the good folks behind Hindsvik, a shop specializing in vintage goods.  Shop owners Daniel and Valeria set out to create a cozy nook for their cat, Lambi, while still maintaining the aesthetic of their modern, Scandinavian-inspired home.  Using plywood, they built a simple cube, re-enforced it with hidden brackets, and then constructed a soft flannel cushion to go inside.


The real reason this bed works so well is the fact that it blends seamlessly with their plywood floors.  You might not be able to achieve such a unified look in your own home, but this is definitely a great jumping off point.  Imagine covering the exterior with a colorful carpet tile - instant scratching post!  Or wallpaper.. or staining it to match your floor.. The possibilities are endless!

Check out Daniel and Valeria's post for a how-to guide and more photos.

Meanwhile, what do you think?  Would something like this work in your home?  How would you customize it?  Share in the comments!

August 26, 2010

Ghislaine Viñas :: Interior Design


I'm a true believer in using bold colors and patterns in the home, so when I saw Ghislaine Viñas' interior design portfolio, I was floored!  She has such an incredible understanding of color and space, it's no wonder she won Pantone's "Color Outside the Lines" competition for use of color in residential interiors.


Ghislaine's work has also been featured in numerous leading interior design and living magazines, as well as winning her the Interior Design Best Of Year Merit Award for Best Residential Design in 2007.

Check out more of her residential work here for a full dose of eye candy. And, stick around after the jump for a few of my favorite images!



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August 24, 2010

Whimsically Wonderful

Have you ever found something you think so wonderful you try and rationalize when and how you can convince yourself you need one? I stumbled on this weeks ago, considered buying it for my expecting cousin and have since become completely obsessed with J Schatz Egg Lamp.  

Child-like whimsy can make its way into all our our lives.  


Nlaquathumb  Nlolivethumb Nlorangethumb  Nlpinkthumb Nlredthumb Nltidepoolthumb Nlwhitethumb Nlyellowthumb

To confirm my admiration for this product, and its designer, J Schatz offers the following:


"All J Schatz products are incorporated into Jim’s daily life and subjected to the wonder test to become a wonder-certified J Schatz product. The wonder test is quite simple. If a product inspires wonder throughout the weeks, months and years that Jim lives with it, the product will be produced. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your wonder-certified J Schatz purchase. "


August 09, 2010

New from 2Modern!

New vendor urbancase

Say hello to urbancase, the newest vendor on 2Modern. This Seattle based company creates objects that contribute to a simpler, pared back lifestyle focusing on basic aesthetic elements...

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August 03, 2010


I've heard the expression "burning the candle at both ends" throughout my life, but it wasn't until this morning that I realized what it actually meant to be a candle that was burning from both ends. This morning I slept through my obnoxiously loud alarm and still haven't managed to fully wake up. The moment when I realized that my candle was "screwed," was when I saw an image of Chritiane Hogner's Cushionized sofa and started weeping. Fatigue weeping with a mix of awesome, sustainable design weeping...

In any case, I had to share.



July 14, 2010


I must admit-I LOVE to sleep! I am one of those people who can fall asleep anywhere at anytime. 

This little-known fact is what has inspired me to look into modern ways to sleep.

Humans sleep approximately 30% of their life! 

Ligne Roset _ Maly-1

Maly bed by Ligne Roset




  I love these fabrics from Serena and Lily for some modern bedroom dressings!

Most importantly, have you ever thought about where all our old mattresses ended up? Yes--I am sure you guessed--the Landfill! Old, tired mattresses are one of the largest consumer products cluttering our landfills today! 

Many companies are attempting to market eco-friendly and recyclable mattresses.  I recently came across Keetsa when they announced the opening of their New York store a few months ago. 

Their products are amazing and their reviews speak for themselves. 


Keetsa NYC showroom (photo courtesy of

July 13, 2010

Are you in need of a new clock that is fun as well as informative?

The Black and White Neon Clock.

Neonetics Black and White Neon Clock - Black and White Neon Clock
It will look great on wall in your living or dining room. The blue neon light is great feature for little restyling, which will add new view to your old interior. If you wakeup in the night you will not have to turn on light to know what time is it now. And it's great!

Also I would recommend it for children who used to sleep with light. Istead of using casual night lamp you can just hang it on the wall in kids room.

Neon by NEONETICS HOME of Neon

Those clocks was designed by the Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corporation. They are all perfect for creative person who like geek's and funny things. 

Neon by NEONETICS HOME of Neon-1
So, if you already dream to have one of them then go to living room accessories.

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