September 15, 2010

Di Di System

Di di 3

Di di1

The Di Di System is epoxy coated steel hanger system designed by Alberto Basaglia & Natalia Rota Nodari for YDF (an acronym for Young Designers Factory).

I love the idea of using the range of colors that they come in, but can also envision a range of colors one can hang on a single shade.

August 18, 2010

A Parisienne in Brooklyn by Carol VanderKloot


Ok, this year's New York International Gift Fair at Javits Center was so dominated by vintage-inspired, knotty pined, whip stitched, whimsical objet made in China, I needed a break. Plus, many exhibitors showed copious copies of works by Gio Ponti, Alexander Girard, David Hicks, with NO mention or credit given. It's a shame really, with Etsy, the rage and craft making officially embraced by hipsters, why isn't macrame going mainstream? Too bad, as charming, cheerful, hand sewn by a Parisiane in Brooklyn is indeed an option. Sylvie-Pillows lavender sachets are all that and a whiff of lovely. You can gift Electric Birds, opting for functional, delicious smelling eye candy or selfishly incorporate in your travels to keep packables smelling sweet or refresh a room in need of a boost. Besides bringing something lovely, your host will marvel at your choice as products are sold ONLY at small boutiques or through the designer. No re-gifting here, I guarantee it. For pillows, table linens, tapestries and lavender sachets, visit:



July 28, 2010

Grohe Goes Digital

Grohe ondus digital bath

Winner of the 2010 Red Dot design award for bathroom/spa product design is the Grohe Ondus Digitecture.  Grohe not an unfamiliar name has now they have taken bathroom faucet design to the next level to what they refer to as "sensual minimalism".  

Grohe ondus digital bath.2

Grohe ondus digital.3

Grohe ondus digital.4

Digitalization creates an adjustable and customized user experience.  Modern technologies are integrated with the architectural planning process right from the start with modern elements.  Grohe Ondus Digitecture allows the preferred combination of water temperature and pressure to be programmed and, via an intuitive interface, be memorized at the press of a button for the next time of use.  When the pause button is pressed, the system temporarily stops the water flow for shampooing and then re-activates the water at the exact same temperature – taking a shower thus turns into a interactive and resource-saving experience.

Now if I could only have that view from my bathtub to go with it.

Have an infinitely modern day!

Lugging With Color

Paul Smith Wash Bag

Paul Smith Courier Bag

Paul Smith Wash bag and Courier Bag

It sometimes seems like carrying our things around with us feels like being owned. If you're going to carry your things around with you, as most of us have to, why do it in black nylon with a sense of military precision when you can add some color and quality to the sorrowful act of carrying and being owned. Paul Smith/Rapha allows you to do exactly this. From a small wash bag for your toiletries all the way to a larger courier bag for your computer or books a patchwork of colorful cycling jerseys or cyclists passing a Paul Smith striped Mini Cooper can be displayed on your carrying gear with a sense of style that says way more about who you are and how you approach life than black nylon, is anyone really black nylon?? These bags are well made in heavy canvas with monsterous zippers and hand stitched leather so that you can be stylish for quite a few years to come. Break the mold.

June 15, 2010

Superb step stool


The danish company bObles have designed great step stools shaped in cool geometric shapes as crocodiles and fish - superb step stool for your children in the bathroom, since it does not slide on a wet floor! 



May 03, 2010

It's Occupied!

Here is a fun way to let your guests know your powder room is occupied. 


 Emtek's Brighthandle actually lights up on the exterior side of a door when the interior side is locked. I could also see this hardware in a restaurant or in a darker hall. The stainless steel lever is available in a variety of patterns including the Luna Fuse (as shown above) and the Luna Dot.  You can also choose from a beveled rosette, disk rosette, or square rosette.  Brighten up your hall and let your guests know the room is occupied!


May 02, 2010

VIPP on 2Modern

VIPP on 2Modern

VIPP is now on 2Modern! Founded in 1939, VIPP produces elegant, modern home accessories for your kitchen and bathroom. The Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser features a specially designed pump for easy use and a rubber base for better grip & protection of counter tops. The White 4 Liter Trash Bin is perfect for any bathroom, and the Shower Shelf features a broad rubber surface for better grip.

April 21, 2010

Get vertical: A hanging fruit basket makes for great storage!

As an apartment dweller, the phrase "A place for everything, and everything in its place" takes on a whole new meaning. And it can be exhausting trying to stay on top of maintaining closets and drawers, so I'm always looking for easy solutions. Last week I found myself searching through Real Simple's archives of bathroom organization. I was looking for some new ideas, something that I could throw together over a weekend. Since my bathroom is the size of a small closet with virtually no storage space, the headline "Consider the Ceiling" peaked my interest. And here's what Real Simple suggested:

"If your quarters are tight and space is already compromised, look up. Take advantage of vertical real estate by hanging a multilevel fruit basket for additional storage. When placed in the shower, the open rungs of the three-tier hanging basket allow loofahs and bath toys to dry over the tub. Or suspend the basket in an unused corner and stock it with lotions, treatments, and scented sachets (in lieu of dust-catching potpourri)."


(Note: This photo is from Real Simple. It is not our apartment. If we were fortunate enough to afford an apartment with such elaborate bathroom fixtures, we probably wouldn't be storing our toiletries from a hanging fruit basket.

Brilliant! The next day, I trekked out to the hardware store and picked up a hanging fruit basket for $6.00 then headed home to get to work. Fortunately, we have a drop-ceiling, so hanging objects is as easy as lifting a ceiling panel up and tucking the hook underneath. If you're dealing with drywall or tin, this project might be a little more complex and you'll probably need to hang a hook first. The whole thing took all of two minutes and left me with a barren countertop just begging for clutter. But it's not gonna happen. I've utilized my vertical real estate, and from now on, my toiletries call a hanging fruit basket home.

April 14, 2010


In my opinion Bestlite is really the best light - plain and simple! The story of BestLite goes back to 1926 when Robert Dudley Best designed the first BestLite lamp - BL1. It became a national phenomenon in England during second world war, since Winston Churchill had an example of the BL1 on his desk in the bomb shelter under Whithall. BestLite is today a part of the Danish design company GUBI

Files_image-1.php 8-7-bestlite1  

March 04, 2010

Pia Ulin :: Swedish Interiors

I love the Scandinavian Modern aesthetic: it's so warm and livable, yet modern and minimalist at the same time.  I don't quite now how they do it, but they do it well and with gusto!  Pia Ulin is a Swedish photographer who captures some of the most beautiful Scandinavian spaces I've ever seen.  Check out the images below and then head on over to her portfolio for more inspiration!

[via Emmas Designblogg]

More images after the jump!

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